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Our featured London massage therapists are fully trained in Nuru massage and are ready and waiting to provide you with the most sensational Nuru massage in London!

You will get to forget all your worries, leaving you relaxed, satiated and joyful. There is nothing comparable to the gentle feeling of soft hands, working rapidly to ease the stress and tension in your neck, legs and back muscles. This sensual touch will revitalize all your body senses! Take a look at the girls below, choose the ones you like and call us today to book an appointment.

Featured Nuru Massage London Therapists


The Nuru massage technique originated from ancient Japanese spa practices and it is a slippery body to body massage that is mostly given by a lady to a man. Warm sticky oil is applied to both your bodies after a warm bath, then she gracefully and erotically slides on your body stimulating every facet of your being. We have developed the original Japanese techniques and taken them to an entirely new level, resulting in the amazing Nuru massage London.

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If you are looking for sensual Nuru massage therapists, then thank the stars you found us. We have listed some of the most beautiful and talented Nuru specialists in London that will touch your body in exciting ways you haven’t been touched before or you didn’t know existed. These girls also offer Japanese bath house specials in London using special therapeutic oil made from seaweed, grapefruit seeds and aloe that is soft and slippery just like the beautiful body that will be all over you.

We have masseuses specialized in the arts of nude massages. They know things about making you feel relaxed that most other women do not. They have specialized training in the most sensitize touches that can cause you to enjoy a level of satisfaction most people only hope for in this world. This training includes the little-known Prostate massage, which is rated as one of the most pleasurable massage types for men.

We understand that beauty helps people to relax and feel comfortable so we hire the most beautiful women as masseuses. A shapely body also contributes to their overall beauty so you will find the most curvaceous women in our massage parlour. You can choose a woman you feel most comfortable with as we would not like to impose anyone on you.

People also shy away from showing off their bodies despite the fact that their define us. Our masseuses are not shy about their bodies. They know they are beautiful and they are willing to highlight their beauty for you if only to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. The close feeling of a human body next to you is also critical to a person’s exploration of his sensuality.

We can help you explore yours because we offer London Body to Body massages known as a tantric massage. This type of massage eases any pain you might have. It helps you to let go of your anxieties and to embrace your human persona as intended from the very beginning.

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The sensation will be of epic proportions, as a hot bikini clad babe wet from head to toe uses her hourglass body to glide over yours to soothe and relax your tired bones. There is nothing more erotic than that! You can fondle the masseuse gently as you fantasize while she seductively glides on your oiled body, ending in the ultimate happy ending. The special Nuru gel also moisturizes and lubricates your skin, giving it a glow which is made better by the stress release.

Sexy & Experienced London Nuru Massage Girls

The experienced masseuses will take away your worries and lead you to new heights of relaxation and pleasure using this unique art of erotic massage. You surrender your body to her and put all your trust in her abilities and she will lead you on an adventure that will have every pore in your body feeling fantastic.

These London masseuses know how to put you at ease, you are completely naked and so is she, all you need to do is put away your inhibitions and she will bind your body with hers and make you feel like the luckiest man in the world.

These girls are just a phone call away and are ready for you, to take you on a slide adventure as her hands, breasts and legs slide over you amplifying your sexual pleasures and taking you to great heights that you’ve never climbed before.

The Most Sensational Nuru Massage in London

Nuru massage blends Lingham massage with oily body to body slippery moves guaranteed to blow your mind. All the clients who have visited the featured massage parlour London will tell you that it is the most exciting thing ever because the girls are welcoming and friendly yet kinky and wild if needed to be.


Our parlour is also very discreet, you can even book a session and the masseuse you’ve chosen visits your hotel for a more private and intimate session. Let her know all what you expect beforehand and she will fulfill all the fantasies you had. No client is too much for us, we’ve got your dose so come get it. Our staff handles all aspects after you make a booking. Just show up, lie down and relax and your body will be taken on a journey, one that will have your toes culling and your body spasming in pure joy.

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Our massage sessions are erotic and wild. We cater for all clientele whether male or female with a happy ending option always available. If you are a lady who needs a lesbian Yoni session or a couple that wants their bodies explored then visit us. You will discover many things you didn’t know about your body, so what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to experience the magic? Make that call to us and experience greatness, we know you will come back because our exceptional service is like no other.

Visit our gallery before picking your dream girl and giving us a call. There are friendly staff, ready to guide you through the process, and the girls will take away all tension within you. The sheer beauty of these masseuses is something to behold, imagine an oriental beauty naked on top of you gliding and touching every part of you?

Stop imagining! It is real, make a booking online or call 01234 567 890 and turn your fantasies into reality with London Nuru massage.

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